IMC report | Samsung Gear Integrated Marketing Communications Report


Assessment details for ALL students (MRKT 20053)
Assessment item 3 — IMC report (Individual)
Due date: Tuesday of Week 12 at 1.00 pm AEST
Weighting: 50%
Length: 1700-2300 words
All assignments should be submitted online through the MRKT 20053 Moodle
site. All reports will be checked by Turnitin to compare the report to other
sources and will provide students and lecturers with a similarity score for the
report. Reports with a similarity score index of more than 20% will be checked
for plagiarism (although it may not necessarily mean that the student has
Assessments 2 and 3 are related.
You have been hired as the Marketing Manager of Samsung Gear
Your task is to develop an IMC plan where you will identify and
market to possible target segments in the educational tourism industry to sell the
Samsung Gear. Your IMC budget has been fixed at $80,000 for the year.
This is a challenging assignment and it is recommended that students read various
academic materials before writing this report. You will be expected to have consulted
books, at least 5 relevant academic journal articles, conference proceedings, theses
and dissertations to write the report (i.e. support your arguments with theories). You
should start working on the assessment early.
Students can follow the following report structure to write the report:
– title page with course name and code, student name, student id and campus;
– executive summary (not more than 150 words and it is not included in the word
– table of contents;
– introduce the background information necessary to understand the product and
service provided by Samsung Gear (not more than 75 words);
– write a literature review (not more than 300 words) related to writing an IMC plan;
– describe and justify the market segments your IMC campaign will target (not more
than 450 words);
– discuss 3 marketing communication objectives such as developing brand awareness,
or promoting product knowledge, influencing customer attitudes, influencing the
purchase intention and so on (not more than 200 words);
– discuss the IMC tools you will use based on your budget and communication
objectives (not more than 300 words)
– discuss 3 styles of creative advertising strategies related to the selected
communication objectives and selected target market segment; this involves
discussing about the styles of creative advertising (p 163-168); advertising
approaches (p 173-181) (not more than 450 words);
– develop a media plan that includes the media and vehicle(s) that will be used to
achieve each of your communication objectives and each creative strategy; justify
the use of the specific media based on how it communicates with your selected
target audience; the media plan should be a reflection of the duration of the IMC
plan (start and end date). The creative strategy has to be adopted when selecting
the most appropriate media to use (not more than 450 words).
– write the conclusion (not more than 75 words) and
– list the references (at least 5 academic references).
Be creative!
To enhance the presentation of your assignment, you can use headings and subheadings
used to specify the information required for each of the above criterion.
The assessment marking criteria below should guide you for this assessment task,
in particular the weighting attributed to each section of the assignment. Please use
Times New Roman with font 12 and double line spacing.
Important Note: Selection of literary support from Google, Wikipedia,,,, etc. will be
treated very negatively. These are not appropriate sources for your academic
assignment and their use is not acceptable.
Assessment Criteria – Assessment 3 – MRKT 20053
Marking Criteria Maximum
Structure, grammar and
Background information 2
Literature review 6
Market segments to be targeted 8
3 communication objectives 6
IMC tools and 3 creative strategies 12
Media plan 10
Referencing 3
Total 50


Samsung gear is a state of the art technology based device that creates mobile virtual reality, a feature that is now common in educational tourism. The 3600 panoramic views that it offers allows the user to immerse themselves into the virtual world. The gear from Samsung Electronics Inc. is equipped with great display features that turn viewing appear like visiting a fantastic new world. The gadget features a broad viewing field, concise head-tracking and little delays.