Image of nursing


Instruction: interview family or friends on how they think about the image of nursing then write a 3 page paper on the results of your observations and interviews regarding the image of nursing. Discuss your image of nursing and include the field of nursing are you most interested and why.
Please use three reliable sources.


Image is very vital in the success of a company, person or organization. It is simply the way a company or a person appears or perceived to be in the general public (Cohen, 2007). In nursing, its image is the way its professional appears to the client of the health care and to other professions. Having a positive image in the eyes of other people is crucial for it determines a lot the future and sustainability of that professional. For example, a positive image in a certain profession will endear itself to recruitment of students, donors who will be eager and ready to fund a professional that impact their contribution positively. Government spending on research and education is more often geared towards a professional that is much popular and economically viable to its masses. Nursing thus is an imperative professional that has had an impact to every citizen either directly or indirectly (Cohen, 2007). Therefore, a positive image to a nursing professional will enhance his or her confidence in discharging his or her duties and boost a patient quick recovery due to effective and motivated will to help him or her.