IHRM | Employment relations in the airline industry in Australia


in which I briefly discuss the following matters:

Why is this question being asked?

Do not spend much time discussing the IHRM relocation issues. These issues were covered in the essay!

Discuss what is happening in the airline industry in general and in Australia in particular.

Briefly discuss the major industrial dispute involving Qantas in 2011. What impact did this dispute have on Qantas?

What has changed at Qantas since 2011? What is the future for this airline?


The airline industry has experienced lots of difficulties in the recent past. The turbulent market has seen some of the industry’s players close down due to financial implications. The turbulent market has seen the management come up with new structures and strategies which has led to commotions between the employees and the management. On February 26, 2016, Addis, his article appearing in Sydney Morning Herald, apologized to Alan Joyce Qantas CEO (Addis 2016). The apology was after an article that Addis had written two years earlier calling for the resignation or sacking of the CEO after a series of aspects in Qantas which led it to make massive losses.