I.T. Scenari


Please read and review the Care Group Case # 9-303-097 and provide an approximate one page write-up (single spaced, 11 pt. font) that addresses your perspectives with regard to the following questions:

• What process controls were needed to prevent this event from occurring?
• The case states no significant harm occurred to any patient, however what do you believe were the likely relevant impacts to patient care during the event?
• As an IT leader, how would you evaluate the timeline of the response? Too long/short, too conservative/aggressive in approach to execution?


There were different process controls that were required to prevent the event from occurring.  The failure by the system showed that there was a problem in the entire IT system in that there was no enough control. There were different weak points that had not been resolved and which led to the eventual failure of het system. First, there should have been control of human factors. The main problem emanated from an IT staff experimenting with new software.   Human factor error spiraled into a technical error. Although the IT factor considers the technical aspects in details, evaluation of such system must also include the human factor because IT infrastructure is built on humans. The second process control was supposed to be in diagnosis of the problem. Even after working for 24 hours, the IT staff could not diagnose where the problem was. Third, there should haven control of entry into core part of the network infrastructure. If the process of entry into the network, with proper authorization, had been in place, it would have been easier for the person to seek authorization before experimenting with the software. This would have made it easier to identify the problem.