BSHS 322 Week 3 Individual Assignment Hypothetical Working Agreement


Hypothetical Working Agreement Paper: 5pages
◊Refer to Chapter 6, Exercise 6.2: ‘Partializing’ (pages 144-145) Choose one the three scenarios: Freydia, Thomas, or Rad.
â—ŠUsing the scenario you chose, create a hypothetical working agreement using as reference materials in Chapter 6, Box 6.1 Sample Assessment Outline, Exercise 6.3 Prioritizing, Exercise 6.4 Contracting, and Exercise 6.5 Evaluation.
â—ŠState the purpose and key elements of each part of the working agreement (Assessment, Goal Setting, Contracting, and Evaluation).
◊Summarize the four parts of your ‘Hypothetical Working Agreement’ in a 4-7 page paper written in APA format.
eBook Collection (Materials) : Murphy, Bianca Cody (2003). Interviewing in action: relationships, process, and change 2e. Bianca Cody Murphy & Carolyn Dillion 2nd ed.
ISBN 0-534-53896-7 student edition


This paper focuses on creating a hypothetical working agreement for a specific scenario. The working agreement has four parts namely assessment, goal setting, contacting and evaluation. The paper will clearly state the key elements and purpose of each of the four parts in the working agreement using this specific case scenario. The case that will be used for assessment, goal setting, contracting and evaluation will be that of Freydia, who is 27 years old and hooked on crack cocaine for four years and as a result, her two children have been removed from her care and given to the mother by Child Protective Services. Freydia attends a drug program with an aim of getting back her children.