Human resource development final Exam


You are required to answer all questions listed below for your Final Exam

Each answer must include:

1.) That which is written by Werner, J.M. & DeSimone, R. L. in your textbook ( Human Resource Development 6e).

2.) That which is written by an “outside of your textbook” source, which either collaborates, critiques, or simply comments on your textbook answer. You must include your outside source as a reference.
3.) Your critique: How your response relates to your past or present professional experience or the implications you think that it has for Human Resource Development.


According to Werner and DeSimone (2011), human resource development is a set of systematic and planned activities that are designed an organizations  in order to provider all stakeholders with opportunities to acquire skills that help them meet current  and future demands of their jobs.  This means that human resource development focuses on developing knowledge, expertise, productivity, and overall satisfaction.   Werner and DeSimone (2011) further argues that human resource development is a continuous activity that begin when the employee join an organization and continues throughout their life.  It helps to develop and unleash human expertise through training and development and through organizational development for the main purpose of improving the performance of the organizations.