Human Computer Interaction



Studding HCI and knowing that it is not easy to design a good interface without applying different design rules and methodologies. Taking these steps one by one helped us to appreciate the science of Human computer Interaction.

Today electronic devices are in the hands of every person in the planet and the technology provided in this device as smartphones and tablets allow developing application for studies to take notes in a very user-friendly way.

The idea of the project is to develop an interface that will be applied on a tablet device

That provides chemistry student an easy way to take notes in difficult condition, where there is not enough time and always under constant pressure, concentrating on applying experiments in lab or taking notes in class.

The challenges that we faced in design  the interface, is to understand the environment of the student and what  are the main actions they preform in class, lab and at home take and study there notes .

One of the main challenges that we faced is that that chemistry student apply experiment using gloves and the usability of touch screen while using gloves is one of the main difficulties, where  the size of the screen has a main factor for the success which  the tablet screen limits the design in many aspects where the design has to provide a sufficient space for the user to write there notes .

Project proposal

Our Project is to design a system to take notes for students studying chemistry. The system allows students to keep an electronic record of their class notes.

As we known of the nature of practical education that chemistry students have, as most of their courses and lecture sessions are in laboratory more than in the class rooms. Students will have to experiment chemical equation and record there results to give a certain chemical compounds. This where the challenge will appear where the system has to be handy and user friendly. Also the physical hardware of the system must be portable and convenient as possible in order to take notes in lab.


The main idea is of the interface will be divided into three modes

  • class mode
  • lab mode
  • Home mode.

This modes are imitating the three stages that student go through in order to finish studying his/her lecture.And each mode will overcome the difficulties that student in order to have proper notes to study efficiently

Task Analysis

The project scope is to provide an easy and fast way for chemistry student to take notes in labs and class.

Questions for potential customers

How do you take notes nowadays?

Most of the answers is that they are just take notes in hard copy or they are using recording devices  or using both writing notes  and recording the lecture  , they will have to spent some time organizing  the notes so that it can be usable as a reference .


How would you like to have tablet for taking note??

Actually we had a very positive reviews as actually people would like to use today’s technology in their life where they expressed that the educational experience would be enjoyable  and fun when using tablet rather than writing notes in hard copy.

How would you like to have tablet for taking note on your hand on the tablet with stand?

The review has divided in two cases where some students said that it would depends on environments they are preforming task that some favored to have tablet that have a stand in the class as they will take notes while they are in siting position while having it on hand is when they are standing on the lab or studding the notes at home.


– Would you prefer to use your fingers or a pointing device (stylus)?

The candidates had given us a very important issue  is that as  working in lab requires in many time to wear gloves as the touch screen most of the time will not work efficiently  while wearing glovers  as the proposed  that they would like to use styles while they are in lab as it will over com the issue stated.

The rest of the questions had helped us in understanding the  users to preform there task an how often they perform it  in an efficient way

– How often do you wear gloves when you’re working in the lab.

– Are chemical hazards/spillages affecting electronics?

– Would you record class lectures video/audio?

-How often do you link notes to textbook?

-What do you expect from a note taking system?

– Would you share/collaborate  notes with friends

-How is it different to take notes in lecture and lab?

-Built in dictionary

-How does colors affect the chemical equations?


Interview Candidates

Students studying Science in Schools/University

Lab Technicians

Chemistry Teachers

Industry people who studied Chemistry – Pharmacist, Doctors


Different Scenarios

We 3 different scenarios for the product

In Class

The user would be sitting and listening to the professor. The Lecture is in sync with power-point which is available to the user beforehand. Students normally have printout of the slides in handout format. Limited space of taking notes.

Have limited amount of time in taking notes. Even if the student records lecture it is not in sync with the notes.

Sometime the doctor reference to some pages in the text book for further illustration.

The disadvantage is that sometimes the students don’t have the enough time to take the complete note. Also sometimes there is not enough space to write the notes in the hard copy slides.

The notes are not organized and in many case they are not readable.


In Lab

The user would be standingand performing experiments. They would be wearing lab coats, gloves or/and goggles for protection. Most of the experiments would involve heating with burner. The table would be full of instruments and chemicals. There would be multiple people using the same work space.

At Homes

Students try to organize what notes they toke at class and study this notes in hard.

First organizing this notes consumes student time, second if this notes are not compete its difficult to remember what have been said in lecture due to or short memory capacity to complete the lecture.



After studying Human Computer Interaction (HCI), it is easy to note that it is not that easy to design a good interface without making use of different design rules and methodologies.  It is a process that involves several steps and by taking these steps one by one, it becomes easier to appreciate the science of human computer interaction. Electronics have been used in the world for a very long time, but today, more than ever, everyone has an electronic device that uses different interaction interface.  The difference between modern and electronics and earlier ones is that the current electronics like a Smartphone and tablets have user friendly interaction. Most important, these electronics have, like smart phones, have applications that are meant to assist users to accomplish different tasks in their life.