here is a take home exam. 
1).we need to select 7 topics from the following, then to compose 7 brief summary (each no more than 300words).
2).each topic needs at least 2 references. total should more than 14 reference.
3).we pay attention to use Underpinning theories and concepts,Practical implications and Key considerations, so we uploaded the lectures.
4). detail requirement pls check the following:
  1. The HRM Lens: how do HRM managers see the world?
  2. Human Resource Planning: In the last year, which industries had the biggest employment growth

    and decline? Use the internet and scholarly sources to find out this information, and discuss in three sentences each the human resource management considerations this poses for organisations within these sectors.

  3. Work & Job Design: Write a policy statement for a company (of your choice) about a commitment to organisation citizenship behaviour.
  4. Engagement and Retention: Undertake the employee engagement survey (provided in class), and provide a written reflection as to your levels of engagement.
  5. Employee Selection: Write a job ad with selection criteria for a professional position (you may select the company)
  6. Performance management: What things drive employees to perform?
  7. Talent Management: Collect and present national statistics (for a country of your choice) about

    the generational profile of the labour force. Offer a brief reflection as to the impact of this on


  8. Safety Management: Write a company policy statement (on a firm of your choice) about

    employee’s commitment to safety

  9. Employee Diversity: Write a company policy statement (on a firm of your choice) about the firm’s

    commitment to enhancing diversity

  10. Evaluating HRM: What is the future of HRM?

For each one of your 7 responses you are required to compose a brief summary (of no more than 300 words). Where appropriate your response should articulate the key learning and content covered in that topic, mentioning where relevant:

Underpinning theories and concepts
Key considerations, and
Practical implications (i.e. what must an HR manager be considerate of, in their day to day activities, in regards to this topic?)

You are to assemble your 7 responses in an electronic portfolio. You are encouraged to work on the tasks week by week, and review your responses with your tutor and peers.


Minimum requirements

To pass the subject, students must achieve at least 50% of the subject’s total marks and complete all items of assessment. A minimum of 80% tutorial attendance is also necessary to fulfil the subject requirements.

Required texts

Nankervis, AR, Compton, RL and Baird, M, 2014, Human Resource Management: Strategy and Practice, 8th edition, Southbank: Thomson.


Advancement in technology has led to different changes in organizations; this has made it necessary for HR professional to think differently on how to manage people in the organization. For firms to fulfill the need of the changing environment and the goals of an organization there is need to implement new concepts and strategies to match the current needs (Cohen, 2014). The HR also needs to understand what is expected of them by different stakeholders and the government. The HRM are also faced with the challenge of predicting the future requirements of the company so that they can prepare and provide the right people.