How you would personally approach one of the scenarios presented in the video program and shares your rationale for that approach


• Course Text: Groups: Process and Practice, Chapter 2
• Course Text: Groups in Action: Evolution and Challenges, pp.
• Article: Marbley, A. F. (2004). His eye is on the sparrow: A
counselor of color’s perception of facilitating groups with
predominantly white members. Journal for Specialists in Group Work,
29(3), 247–258. Retrieved September 18, 2006, from the PsycINFO
database. (AN 200417963002)

Diversity Competencies with Dr. Lynn Haley-Bañez and Dr. Savitri
Dixon-Saxon (approximately 36 minutes; DVD 1)

This video program simulates watching a live radio show in which two
psychologists converse and take phone calls from listeners. Note how
they deal with diverse callers with diverse needs. Also note Dr.
Haley-Bañez’s perspective on the salience of diversity competency in
group process and practice.
Groups in Action DVD
• Second Program: Challenges Facing Group Leaders
o Segment 2: Challenges of Addressing Diversity Issues
(approximately 36 minutes)

Group members’ various races, cultures, and ethnicities impact their
perceptions of themselves and their “fit” within the group, and may
affect the result they achieve from participating in the group
sessions. This, in turn, may impact the group process. Additionally,
group members may have difficulty relating to the group leader. In
this video segment, note the diversity issues that arise and how
members and leaders address them. As you view the DVD segment, you
encouraged to follow along in the Groups in Action course text on
pages 141–161 and complete any corresponding exercises.
Web Site
• Association for Specialists in Group Work (ASGW) Principles for
Diversity-Competent Group Workers

Diversity Competence

This week, you had a unique opportunity to learn from Dr.
Haley-Bañez, an expert in diversity-competency in group work. In


Discussion, you have the opportunity to articulate your personal
approach to a diversity scenario.

To prepare for this Discussion:
• Review this week’s Learning Resources.
• Reflect on the video program Diversity Competencies with Dr.
Haley-Bañez on your Group Process and Dynamics DVD.
• Think about the three scenarios presented by the callers to Dr.
Haley-Bañez in the video program and how she responded to and


suggestions for each one.
• Consider how you may have approached one of the scenarios
differently than Dr. Haley-Bañez did, and why you would have done


Assignment: 1 page.

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