How to adjust your speech as a teacher in a multicultural classroom


(How to adjust your speech as a teacher in a multicultural classroom ) I need 6 sources. you should write the reference for each sources in the beginning of the page and after that you should write 3 short paragraphs the first one is Summarize for example what is the point of this article what is about ?. The second one Assess it means to evaluate was it use full and what is the goal of the sources. The third paragraph is Reflect once you have summarized and assessed source you need to ask how it fits into your research. was it help full. You should do the same thing for each sources so it should be 6. For each make a half a page or more .SO for each sources you should have three paragraph (Summarize,Assess and Reflect).Use easy word because i am international student and I will present that in the class.Thank you. Do not use books PLZ.


Bertrand, J. L., & Lee, J. Y. (2012). Teaching international relations to a multicultural classroom. International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, 24(1), 128-133.

The article written by Julia Lau Bertrand and Ji-Young Lee targets various stakeholders in the education sector, including teachers and policy makers. The article looks at the importance of adoption of multicultural perspectives when teaching in international relations.

The article examines the challenges faced by the teachers teaching students with multicultural backgrounds. The authors use personal experiences as teachers in international schools. Language barrier is identified as one of the challenges, and the article argues that the teacher should adjust their language to be effective in teaching international students.