How to adjust your speech as a teacher in a multicultural classroom


Can you please write a research paper about what you did Bibliography Assignment in How to adjust your speech as a teacher in a multicultural classroom and use the same sources .you have to write 5 paper not include the sources and name page that means totally of your writing 5 pages and the sources will be in page number 6. CAN YOU PLEASE WRITE EASY WORD BECAUSE I WILL DO PRESENTATION ON IT.


  1. Introduction
    1. Diversity in classroom is a practice encouraged all over the world because of its huge benefits.
    2. Teacher’s creativity is important
    3. Thesis: Although adjusting the teacher’s speech may be considered a simple practice, it is a powerful strategy that can help improve the learning and teaching process in a multicultural classroom
  2. How to Adjust Your Speech as a Teacher in a Multicultural Classroom
    1. Multicultural classrooms are made up of students from different cultural backgrounds and have different language orientation.
      1. A teacher must be aware of the different cultures in the classrooms
      2. A teacher should learn students’ languages (Bertrand & Lee, 2012).
  • A teacher understands different communication aspects of the student’s native language.
  1. Learning different words of the students’ language is not enough to assist the teacher on how to adjust their speech.
    1. A teacher should learn other aspects of the student’s culture and nurture diversity in class (Herzog, 2013).
    2. Only culturally appropriately aspects should be used in class to avoid embarrassing the student.