How Should Southwest Airlines Manage Its External Environment?


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Southwest Airlines was founded in 1970s by Rolling King and Herbe Kelleher.  It has been considered as an airline that revolutionized the industry as it brought a new operation model which has been replicated by other airlines as well. The formation of Southwest Airline gave rise to the low cost no frill travel which has attracted millions of travelers over the years. The company began in Texas as a small airline but today, it has become the largest airlines in American flying more than 100 million passengers in 66 cities in the country with more than 3,200 flights every day.  The  At the time of its formation, the mission of the company was to be dedicated to the highest quality  in  customer services delivered with a  great deal of warmth, friendliness, pride, and in company spirit (Southwest Airlines, 2009). The company has strived to maintain this mission over the years and it is the guiding principles in its ever growing geographical expansion. To the employees, the mission statement of the company stated that it was committed to roving a stable working environment offering equal learning and personal growth opportunity for all its employees.