How race and gender affect your education


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Racial and gender disparities have a significant impact on education across the world. In the United States, for example, it is a fact that African Americans and Hispanics have been victims of school segregation in the era that racism was at its peak. Although the situation has significantly improved, still some states spend more money in education in white dominated schools than in Hispanics and African American schools (Dee 1). In Africa, and as observed by UNESCO, families support male children than female children to attend school (n.p). A study done among the Mande of Liberia found out that 70% of male children are likely to attend school because their parents are willing to pay school fees, whereas only about 35% of girls are supported to go to school (UNESCO n.p). The Mande tribe, for instance, believes that girls should be groomed for marriage and not for school. Therefore, race and gender affects education in significant ways: unequal opportunities, background implications, cultural stereotypes, bias, sexual orientations,.