How Finance relates to “To Kill A Mockingbird”


Main Idea:The topic is how Finance relates with a theme in �To Kill A Mockingbird�. I thought of maybe the moral or ethical aspect as with Atticus Finch in the novel by standing his ground of defending an innocent man regardless of his color. Basically morals or ethics in the Finance area.


Research Assignment

Requirements: 8+ pages, research essay and a Works Cited page with a minimum of sources according to these genres: -minimum of 6 sources
� 3 journal articles
� 1 interview
� 1 novel, short story, or poem (this would be the novel �To Kill A Mockingbird�)
� either 1 government pamphlet/document or 1 visual medium such as a film, documentary, chart, or graph (could be the film version of �To Kill A Mockingbird�)

Keep in mind one of the educational goals of this piece, accurate documentation of the research conducted on a topic.

A corollary of its process is the natural engagement of a student with the subject matter. The topic should develop from ideas you have considered during the reading and discussion of To Kill A Mockingbird (TKM). The essay is not an analysis of literature. The paper will, however, analyze and critique ideas related to various areas of content:

Almost any idea that can be grounded in an issue or theme raised in TKM may be researched. Consider your particular area of interest, and then ask an interesting question and research it.

Organization of the piece: Provide background on the topic by investigating what others have done or said about the subject and by considering what has not been done. Include a presentation of the idea, the thesis, in the introductory paragraph or paragraphs. Body paragraphs will elaborate on the idea, providing support and examples, and the conclusion will restate the main idea (it is, after all, the ending for which the beginning exists)–:)–. Integrate research-based information through accurate quotations and references, and by paraphrasing and summarizing.


In all areas of life, there are issues underlying any societal operations. In the area of finance, there are several ethical issues that govern any prudent use of resources. To Kill a Mockingbird offers a perfect example of why those who are unable to speak for their own welfare ought to be fairly dealt with. In our present world, the one who has is the one who matters. The one who has not is regarded lowly. This is not in any way different from the situation in this novel. It is very unfortunate that society does not place importance in the fact of being human. The status of an individual is assessed against their financial back up. Where does this leave the guy that has nothing? What then is the state of the poor? How are the poor looked at? What is similar between the way the racially different are considered in the novel and the way they are considered in our contemporary society? These are some of the questions that this paper is going to address. The bias in this study will be in the area of finance. It will look at some of the situations that present themselves in money matters, which can be measured against the experiences in Maycomb country of the book To Kill a Mockingbird. In other words, it will study the relationship between the novel, and the ethical issues around finance.