How does listening to music affect our studies?


I want an annotated bibliography please. And do not go too overboard. I am a college freshman and don’t want it to be suspicious. Perfection isn’t wanted but I do want a really good grade please!

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Schellenberg, E. G. (2012). Cognitive performance after listening to music: a review of the Mozart effect. Music, health, and wellbeing, 324-338.

The author of this book brings forth the ideologies that made the term Mozart effect to be used in describing various reactions that made the brain feel stimulated after listening to the music of the legendary composer Mozart. Through the subsequent chapters of the book the author tries to showcase various situations where music has been used to benefit the mind and the body of the person who has taken the tunes to heart. Before going into the details of the Mozart effect the author has described the process where music was solely responsible for generating child in the mind of the recipient. Initially, the term Mozart effect was used by Gordon Shaw who was a neurobiologist as he tried to do an experimental research with his graduate student Xiaodan Leng in the University of California at Irvine.