How do I feel about liking the opposite sex


Write a pearsonal essay on what I think( I am a male and I like the opposite sex) then just list facts

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I possess the trait of liking members of the opposite sex which can be attributed to many reasons with the most obvious being the will to mingle and share my feelings. Even though it is normal for a person to share their feelings and emotions with the opposite sex I have developed a sense of attraction as well. Sometimes I feel that developing a strong liking to the opposite sex may present negative implications to the person having the trait. However, I have come to realize that this is not true. Irrespective of the impact that might result from liking the opposite sex, I feel that developing affection to women bears no ill implications if handled in the right way. I am a man and have a strong liking towards women which comes in handy when I am expressing and interacting with them.