How can players prepare themselves for (inevitable) loss?


Please I need the problem solution paper as basic english writing and do not use complicated words just use the easy and basic words. remember ” BASIC ENGLISH WRITING” . do not use sources from books or textbooks, only use accessible sources from the internet. please focus on sport players such as soccer ,basketball players and mixed martial arts fighters.


A sporting activity can only have two outcomes; a win or a loss. While a win is very exciting and fulfilling, a loss is discouraging and can be psychologically depressing or traumatizing. The issues of winning and losing do not only apply in matters of sports, but also in politics and other competitions. In sports, such as football, basketball, handball, volleyball, swimming, martial arts, athletics among others, players attach too much emotional value to a win, that, a loss devastates them and affects them adversely. The same happens to fans, managers, coaches, sponsors, and club owners. We have seen on television players and fans crying in public after losing a game. World over, fans have sometimes resulted to suicide after teams that they support lose in a game. According to Hamilton, tens of millions of fans witnessed a loss for the University of Kentucky men’s basketball team when they were beaten by Wisconsin in this year’s NCAA Tournament Final Four.