How airplane magnified human achievements?


i will be adding the abstract of my paper. this is a team project/paper topic :The Trials and Tribulations on how Aviation History would change the World.
the team breakdown
member 1 =The invention of the airplane turning point in history
member2 =how it redefined the way in which wars are fought?
member3 =how it revolutionized travel and Commerce?
i am member 4 =How airplane magnified human achievements?..

so I just need my part which is
How airplane magnified human achievements?
the reference page must contain Annotated Bibliography. i have an example of 3 sources which i used so far. i will be adding that doc along with abstract.


The historical development of airplane is considered one of the greatest achievements in human history. It was a success that resulted from years of trials and errors until a successful flight took to the air in 1903 (First In Flight, n.d).  After years of trial, a last minute breakthrough had been achieved and human life had been transformed in different ways.  It was a myth that had finally come true and had impacted on human life in different ways. To make this myth a reality, there were many tribulations and even it claimed life of some of the pioneers. It was a period when man was determined to try new modes of transport despite the challenges that they were facing. The success of these men was welcomed with joy and surprise but their legacy has lived beyond their success.  The invention of the flying machine was not only an expression of human genius and determination but it was also a turning point in history that glorified human achievements. There were many things that   impacted by this invention.