Hotel sustainability | Wolgan Valley-One & Only Resort – Sydney



Wolgan Valley-One & Only Resort – Sydney


The tourism industry has experienced phenomenon growth in the recent past. It remains among the best performing economic sectors in the receding world’s economy. In addition, there are some countries that have come to rely solely on tourism as their main source of foreign exchange (Chan, 2011). The importance of the tourism sector in the world’s economy cannot be underestimated. While the phenomenon growth has placed the industry as the center of social and economic growth, the industry is also faced with different challenges, among them long-term sustainability.  Sustainability practices are practices that the current generation meets is needs from natural resources without compromising the needs of the future generations (Hatem, Radwan, & Minoli, 2010).  Hotel industry is faced with a myriad of sustainability issues. The aim of this study is to look at the sustainability challenges facing Wolgan Valley-One & Only Resort in Sydney and recommending strategies to overcome those challenges.