hospitality qualitative report | Quantitative Report


1002HSL: Introduction to Research S3 2016
It is important for hotel managers to understand employees’ perceptions of a Quality
Work Life (QWL). This can help hotel managers to improve the work environment
and subsequently increase productivity and staff retention. The purpose of this
assignment is to examine future workers’ (hospitality students) perceptions of the key
characteristics/aspects that contribute to a QWL, highlighting any differences between
domestic and international students. This will assist hotel managers to understand
hospitality graduates’ expectations for future work and in particular any cultural
Due Date
Week 7 – Before the lecture – 1pm
Assignment Weighting
Assignment Marks (Total 25)
1. Presentation of results and drawing conclusions – style of results, structure of
results, appropriateness of conclusions
2. Overall – structure of report, overall presentation, clarity of expression,
literature review, methodology
Assignment Task
You are to conduct a study to find out the key aspects contributing to a quality work
life (QWL) according to domestic and international hotel students. The full dataset
for the study is available on the Griffith College portal.
The focus of your assignment will be to:

Examine the responses of both domestic and international students who
believe a quality work life is very important when looking for a job in the
hotel industry
Twelve cases have been selected from which you are to examine each to determine if
there are differences in the perceptions between domestic students and international
students regarding the key aspects of a QWL they believe are important.

Format of Assignment Report (2,000 words)
Title Page, the report body, a reference list, (1.5 line spacing, font 12)
Introduction, Literature Review and Research Questions
Describe the objectives of the qualitative study. Use the comments provided
in Assignment # 1 to improve your literature review (300-400 words using 3
journal article references) relating to the characteristics of a quality work life
in the hotel industry, highlighting any cultural differences in the way in
which students perceive a QWL. List the research questions that your
analysis will answer. More details will be provided in the tutorials.

Research Methods
Describe the research methods used in the study. Important aspects of the
methods section include:
 The methodology used;
 Analysis – how the data was analysed.

Description of Types of Reasons
Present a 'realistic report' (see lecture notes) with rich description of the main
reason themes.
Highlight and discuss differences between the two groups of students.
Present in several sentences the general conclusions of your analyses.
Handing in Material
More information regarding the completion of this assignment will be given in
your tutorials during weeks 1-6.


This study has the purpose for the hotel owners of the wellness retreat in Rainbow Bay to have a better understanding of customer motives. Wellness tourism is about tourists visiting certain places that are perceived to have health and wellness benefits. The managers are currently aware that the wellness retreat attracts both the domestic and international tourists but further understanding is required. This research is important so that the managers are able to develop design the marketing approaches to target those tourists. This report will discuss the provide a demographic profile of the visitors at this wellness retreat and investigate the difference in the motivations between international and domestic visitors together with an analysis of the correlations between satisfaction and intention to return.