Horn vs. U. of Minnesota


To further your understanding and application of various laws, you are required to read and analyze your assigned real-life case provided in the folder below. A rubric is available (also below) to help guide your analysis of your case. Case study papers should be at least 2-3 pages in length with appropriate citations. Make sure you relate how the outcome of your case might influence an aspect of your current or future aspirations in the sport industry.

Case: Horn vs. U. of Minnesota


In the case Horn vs. U. of Minesota, the plaintiff, David R. Horn, sued the appellate, the University of Minnesota, for wage discrimination and retaliation, charges that were in violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act 1964 and Equal Pay Act  1963. David Horn was hired by the University of Minnesota to work as an assistance coach of the women’s hockey team. He was hired as a second assistant coach while the firs assistant coach was a woman. Horn later learned that he had the same job description as the first assistance coach, but they had been designated different titles, duties, and payment. The first assistant coach was given the liaison job role and a salary of $3,000 per month, while Horn was given the internal duties with a salary of $2,000 per month. Horn complained to Director of Women’s Athletics. After filing the complaint, head-coach allegedly started treating him unfavorably, did not communicate well, and recommended that his contract not to be renewed. However, he was given a 12-month contract extension and a pay increase, which he rejected and quit for another employ