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The war between Islam or Muslims and Christians had spread widely in the whole area of Middle East. This was the time when Islam as a religion was expanding and hence it was fighting and conquering any other religion that did comply with their teachings. However, there were some aspects that made Christians to succeed in the fight. First, they were very many especially in Syria and hence the Muslims solders faced a lot of difficulties in fighting them. It is indicated in these accounts that the Muslim solders in Syria and Damascus were faced with a lot of resistance from Christians who felt that they were being violated and were not respected. Additionally, from the pack of Omar it was clearly indicated the things that made Christians succeed in their battle with Muslims. In this case, they had stated that they would welcome any Muslim who would join their land without any objection and they would give out some parts of their lands and churches as a way of accommodating them. This statement for one reason or the other pleased the Muslims and hence they relaxed from fighting the Christians. It should be noted that by this period of time, the Muslims were very mighty and hence they were conquering Christians even in their strongholds and hence Christians had to use other ways than physical fighting to ensure that they are not conquered by Muslims.