Biol 100 Research Paper Assignment – History of Photonic Fence


Mosquito is considered the most dangerous animal in the world, not by its sizes, but because of the pathogens its carriers. Mosquito carry Malaria pathogens, a disease known to claim about 600,000 lives a year (Nuwer, 2014).

One of the recent innovations in the fight against malaria is the mosquito laser, a device that was developed by Lowell Wood, an astrophysicist who found that it was effective in killing a large number of mosquitoes. The idea was floated in the 1980s, but it was not developed until 2007 when Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation required Intellectual Ventures LLC to come up with a ways of ending malaria.  Intellectual Ventures then dug into the books and resurrected the idea of using lasers in killing mosquitoes.





Biol 100 Research Paper Assignments: Please pay attention to
Part 1: Groups of 4-5 students working together to generate this 1st paper: 6 pages in all
1st page should have the title of your paper (give it a catchy title that includes the subject
being discussed, if you don’t give it a catchy title it will be hard to recognize when you pick
it up with the peer review since the names will be off the paper. Catchy title is worth 2
points.) You also need to put which section you are in since I have multiple biology 100
sections. Start your discussion of the topic on this page.
Do NOT put your names on this 1st page.
You need at least 4 typed pages, double-spaced about your topic. (For the 1st 4 pages you
can use the front and back of the papers if you want to print it that way to save paper.)
You also need at least 4 references on a separate bibliography page at the back of the
paper (the 5 th page) References can be library and internet sources but you need to provide
the whole reference,
not just the URL – so include title of article, author, journal or news source, date etc.. On
the 6th page please put the names (first and last) of everyone in the group that worked on
this paper, along with your title again. Please be sure that everyone does an equal amount
of work – you can break up the topics and have each person write about one thing or you
can write it together but everyone must contribute! Everyone in the group will receive the
same grade for the paper so make sure you’re all happy with the end product. Do not wait
until the night before to finish this project – have it done and proof read before you turn it
in, I find a lot of grammatical errors in these papers when it is done at the last minute and it
has not been edited properly. For full points you need to follow the format guidelines
(here’s recap):
A CATCHY TITLE with subject included and section # for the class on the 1st page where
you start discussing your topic (no title page needed) This is important – please make it
unique not just “GMOs” or “Cloning” etc. 4 Pages, double-spaced – points will be deducted
if it is shorter than this Bibliography (3 references) on the 5th page
6th page – full names of everyone in the group in alphabetical order, section #, and the
paper’s catchy title. This is the only page that should have your names on it.

For your group of four each person should complete 1 page double-
spaced + work site
Your page should write about the overall developing history of Photonic Fence,
which is a new type of Mosquito Laser defense turret.
You can find some basic information about this technology on the website link