history Art Deco in Sydney


Assessment task 3: Design history research project
A design history essay,
2000 words must
The objectives of this task are to:
• Continue to develop your ability to find, assess, and use a variety of quality sources that are relevant to your topic (Research).
• Develop your understanding of an historical context and relate it to a contemporary issue (Knowledge and comprehension).
• Discern a variety of significant agencies within a historical context, demonstrated through texts and visuals (Analysis).
• Produce a design history publication backed by solid research (Synthesis).
• Demonstrate a reasonable level of competency and rigour in referencing (Referencing).
Your work will be assessed on how well it demonstrates these five objectives.
Task description.
This assessment task is an opportunity for you engage in a short design history research project of your own interest.
The topic that you choose to research is up to you but you will be expected to consult with your tutor as to its suitability. If you are stuck
for an idea you may choose from some of the suggestions below.
You are also free to decide how to publish your research. Options may include an essay, journalistic article, verbal presentation,
documentary film, poster presentation, design proposal etc. Some forms of publication, particularly design proposals, may require an
additional report to explain the research involved. Again, you will need to maintain ongoing consultations with your tutor in order to
assess the development and appropriateness of your project.
Topic chosen:
Urban design/Architecture: Art Deco in Sydney

Submission Requirements:
• You must include a cover page with your written submission.
• The document must be stapled or held together by a metal clip only. No plastic sleeves or folders will be accepted.
• Font: Use 12 point Times New Roman or Ariel
• Use 1.5 spacing and at least 3cm page margins.
• Include your name and page number on each page.
• Your assignment must be free of plagiarism and be written by yourself without assistance. (Assistance includes help with grammar
and vocabulary.)
• Late assignments will not be accepted unless there are exceptional circumstances and/or you make arrangements in writing with the
tutor/Program Manager before the due date.
• Always keep electronic and/or hard copies of your assignments. Things can go wrong and assignments can go missing. If they do, it is
your responsibility to be able to re-submit your work when requested.


Since the early civilization, there have been different artistic styles and movements that have left indelible mark in the world. Great artistic movements like Egyptian and Aztec art have remained relevant even to date and have inspired the world in a great way.  Art influences the world in different ways, socially, politically, and culturally.  One of the major influences of artistic style is architecture, in design, expression, and form.  Artistic movements like Egyptian and Aztec movements are still remember through objects and architectural designs. One of the artistic movements that have had great influence in the world is art deco. This movement started in early 20th century in Europe and spread to all parts of the world.  Art Deco found its way to Australian and it left an indelible mark in forms and architectural designs that are present today.  This paper will look at the history of art deco in Australia.