Historical/Literary Background and Social Location


This a paper on the Historical/Literary Background and Social Location of Abraham and his wife Sarah in Egypt (Genesis 12: 10-20). There are some specific resources that the Professor wants us to use for doing this paper, please use them and don’t forget to use FOOTNOTES, and I’ll send you the professor’s format of doing the assignment and the footnotes. Thanks!


God’s plans for Israel as the chosen nation were laid out already before Abram was born and they had to just roll out as Abram’s life progressed. A number of incidents in Abram’s life serve to demonstrate how God kept on protecting him in a bid to fulfill Hid (God’s) promise of making Abram a great nation. An example of such an incident is the entry of Abram and his wife Sarah into Egypt after there was famine in Canaan (Genesis 12: 10-20)[1]. Sarah had to lie that Abram was her brother because of the fear that he might be killed. This paper seeks to highlight how this particular incident in Abram’s life demonstrates not only gods plan in Abrams life but also the literary background and social location of the incident.

[1] Good News Bible (1994): Abram In Egypt (Genesis 12: 10-20), British and Foreign Bible Society, p14