Heart Failure


We have created a power point presentation on Heart Failure (will be sending). We need to write 6 pages based on the power point on the slides I have indicated. I will enclose the entire power point just for clarity.

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Also uploading “Introduction by the Health Council of South Florida” which you may use.


Heart failure is one of the rampant diseases in the US where more than 7 million people are affected by the disease (Pfuntner, 2013). Heart failure contributes to one in every nine deaths in the United States. America is regarded as the country that uses the largest budget in health care compared to other developed countries especially from Europe. Heart failure accounts for about $39.2 billion of the total costs on healthcare (Pfuntner, 2013). This is a high cost that the government cannot afford to sustain for long unless drastic measures are implemented. About 20 percent of all patients admitted with heart failure are readmitted within 30 days (Pfuntner, 2013).

According to the department of health and human services, Florida has the second largest Medicare population in the United States. Florida accounts for about 3.5 million people who are on Medicare support. Miami-Dade leads among the counties with $16,723 per capita spent on Medicare beneficiaries (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2014). A report released by Department of Health and Human Services in 2011, revealed that the amount spent per beneficiary in Miami-Dade was 75 percent higher than the national average (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2014). However, this was a reduction as compared to $16,786 spent in 2010. California has the largest population of Medicare beneficiaries with approximately 5,000,198 followed by Florida with about 3,527,830 populations of Medicare beneficiaries.