Health care technology case study

 Caitlin is the office manager in a large private pediatric practice in the city. The physicians met and decided to switch all records to a laptop-based system where nurses and doctors will log all records in a laptop. All patient interactions, data, and records will be entered primarily into the laptop, and no hand-written records will be taken. Caitlin is asked to come up with a plan for the conversion. This office has 13 doctors, 10 nurses, and 2 physician’s assistants that will all be using the laptops when evaluating patients. What should Caitlin consider in her conversion plan? How should patient questions be dealt with? What other concerns should Caitlin take into consideration when formulating her plan?

Refer to the University of Phoenix Material: Case Studies and the Case Study Analysis Grading Criteria.

Select a case study from the information posted in the Course Materials Forum to analyze as a team.

Imagine that this scenario happened in your organization and now your team has been assigned to the task force for the strategic planning committee.

Create a presentation of 10 to 13 slides, including detailed speaker notes, for the strategic planning committee. Answer the following:

Identify the challenges faced by the health care organization in the case study.

Identify strategies that could be used to tackle the conflict.

Propose suggestions for how these strategies can be implemented.

What role does collaboration have in implementing strategies in the health care industry?

What roles do individuals and teams have in this process?

Identify any barriers that might arise in the implementation and how will you overcome these as a team.

 Include at least four references

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