hazmat disasters


analysis of a past hazmat disaster, research the incident, present the facts as they are known, compare and contrasts the incident with hazardous materials operations and leadership, and prepare original thoughts and recommendations as they relate to future incidents that you could be involved in or command. This paper will need to focus on your analysis, reasoning, and depth of understanding of the issues, and thorough discussion of the incident analyzed.

This needs to be a well known disaster


Chemical substances which are misused or released in the atmosphere are a threat to the environment and health. Accidents involving hazardous materials can occur anywhere chemical substances are manufactured, transported or stored. Chemical emergencies occur on highways, manufacturing facilities, pipelines and railways. Similarly emergencies can happen in residential areas where the chemicals are stored such as gasoline, pesticides etc (Lesak and David 1999). There has also been the use of chemical substances in terrorism activities. In the same way there are cases where natural disasters for instance flooding leading to chemical spill.