Hazard of Pesticide Residues in Food


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Food safety has been one of the major concerns of public health. The increased industrialization coupled with increased industrialization has had ramification on food production and preparation with most people in cities forced to consume processed foods. To meet the ever rising demand for food especially in cities, food production has been enhanced with modern technologies including application of pesticides. Pesticides are used to prevent food from pest destruction. Pest like locust can descend on farms and cause destruction that can lead to food shortage in the country. Although pesticides are developed and applied within the safest ranges, there have been concerns regarding pesticide residues which may have health effects.  Pesticide residues have been shown to have health effects including diseases like cancer and other terminal illnesses. However, this is a debatable issue since some of the government bodies like FDA and others which oversee food safety have that pesticide residues have negligible effect on human health. There are maximum limits set by these organizations within which pesticide residues in food are considered harmless. Pesticides are manufactured tconcluded o kill insects and therefore there is little doubles that pesticide residues can be considered as health hazards.