Happy Islands


Creative writing style.. See attached assignment instructions and let me know .. Please make sure you have access to both books.
I will email you one of them and you can see if you are able to access to the other book or not.


Robert: (Robert Acua arrives in the Island of Utopia. He is amazed by the higher organization of the society. He is startled and spends more about 3 minutes just looking at people. All people are busy at work. What amazes him most is that women are doing the same work as men, with much ease and no difference at all. In addition, he is amazed by the fact that all people are wearing similar simple clothes that appears just like a uniform. Looking at the farms, they are large tracks of land and full of sweating workers. The workers are immersed in their work. His mind switches to his experience at the firm. He sees a reflection of his bitter life in the farm on the workers. Their desperation same as his and he can identify with them. He approaches a group of masons working in a new house). Good morning gentlemen! Sorry for that work