Habeas Corpus and the War on Terror

In 150-200 words, summarize, in your own words, one of the academic
articles required for this discussion (from item 8 in the Resources). Select an
article from the list that you think may be a source for your final essay. Read
it carefully and try to understand the author’s main points that may be relevant
to your final essay. First, give the full APA citation for the article. Then,
summarize the relevant main points and explain the author’s reasoning as you
understand it. At the end of your summary, ask one question about a specific
point in the article that you do not understand and would like some help with
(refer to a page number).

In 50-75 words, state what you believe the thesis of your Final Paper will
be. State the thesis as clearly and fully as you can. Draw upon what you have
learned from all the required resources you reviewed for this discussion. While
you can change your mind about your thesis when you actually write the Final
Paper, use this discussion forum as a serious opportunity to try out a thesis
and receive feedback from your peers.

An assumption made by the Bush administration in selecting this location was
that it was beyond the jurisdiction of U.S. courts. The administration wanted to
avoid any judicial oversight of how it handled detainees, characterized as
“enemy combatants.” A possible legal challenge to indefinite detention with no
formal charges or judicial proceedings might arise from the habeas corpus
provision of the Constitution.

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