Gun Right Philosophy


the paper is already written but I need to customize it to new instructions
I want you to use the same sources provided already in the paper and add just one more which is (John Lott – gun ownership vs gun crimes.)
use this in Mills theory (Utilitarianism)
So all I need is the paper to be rewritten in a way to show it is argumentative essay Mill vs Kant vs Aristotle regarding gun control
I uploaded the original paper and the Original instructions and the Rubric to help you more
as well I will upload the outline I turned for the first tutorial and after it the Prof. suggested to use John Lott’s Stats and add it to Mill’s theory
As always I want the words easy and not fancy because I am international student


Gun-related crimes and murders have been on the rise in the United States during the last ten years. This is a result of the Second Amendment of the United States’ Constitution, which is also known as the Right to Arms. This constitutional provision led to many Americans acquiring firearms for their personal protection (Kates and Gary 650). Notably, gun rights were intended to improve security in the United States, but they resulted in a rise in insecurity instead of serving their intended purpose. Linardopoulos explains that today Americans live in a state of fear and paranoia since mass murders and suicides have become prevalent in the region. Considering the growing statistics of gun crimes, gun rights should be taken away, an argument supported by Mill, Kant, and Aristotle’s philosophical arguments.