Gun control


research and argumentative essay about Gun control, giving your stance that you agree or disagree.Own words, no Plagiarism,only allow 3 sentence to be quoted directly. Be careful of the essay structure, such as introduction, body, and conclusion.
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Going by the recent happenings where shooters have broken loose and killed innocent people, there should be restrictions on gun ownership.   People are getting wary each and ever day with the number guns that are in the hand of the public and how they are being misused. Although the U.S Supreme Court ruled in 2008 that the Second Amendment does not support strictest forms of gun control, it is evident that guns in the hand of civilians pose greatest threat to security (The Polymath, 2010).  The different incidents of gun shooting at Virginia Tech and other which have happened of late acts as reminder to Americans that rather than providing individual security, guns in the hand of civilians pose greater danger to the public. Statistics reveal that gun ownership is currently at its lowest in decades and Americans there are people who want more regulation of firearms due to increase rate of gun violence. Guns should be taken as a tool of control and if the police are given the right to protect all citizens, there are no reasons why individuals should be allowed to own handguns.  There is not security reason that should warrant individuals to own guns and therefore there should be strictest gun control laws.