Gun Control


8 paragraphs: Introduction (including thesis statement which is; a lack of gun control affects a society’s safety through causing high rates of crimes, proper use of guns and allowing licences for mentally ill people.) 6 body paragraphs and a conclusion.
and i want you to use these articles for my sources, 3 links and 2 pdf files.
and i need 10 paraphrases from these articles with page number of the paraphrase used.


  1. (Wolf & Rosen, 2015, p. 851)In the recent past, the United States has witnessed increased mass shootings, some in the most unexpected places like an elementary school. The indiscriminate mass shootings at a grocery store in Tucson, Arizona, an elementary school in Connecticut,Navy Yard in Washington and in many other incidents has called for stricter gun control laws However, the opponents of strict gun laws argue that the right to owns guns is guaranteed in the Second Amendment(Wolf & Rosen, 2015, p. 851).
  2. Seitz 1972, p. 595)Statistics reveal the dynamic nature of gun violence and reinforces the need for a thorough background check on gun owners. Gun violence became an increasing societal concern in the United States towards the end of the last century. In his work, Seitz (1972) analyzes the incidences of reported gun violence, showing a strong relationship between gun ownership and violent crimes (p. 595).