Groups for Adults


Discussion 1: 1 page needed with minimum of 250 words and 2 references.
Adult Populations
Within the setting of your chosen field (for example: school counseling, addictions, marriage and family, et cetera.), select a topic that applies to a specific population of adults. This must be a different population and topic than the one you chose for your course project. Research and find at least one article on your topic and population and critique the article. Please be sure that your article (journal article) has been published in the last 10 years. Your critique should include:
• Article citation.
• Summary.
• Key points.
• Strengths.
• Weaknesses.
• Ways you might apply the article to your future work as a counselor.


The article under critique is titled, “Video Game Addiction: Past, Present and Future” by Mark D. Griffiths, Daria J. Kuss and Daniel L. King and was published in the year 2012. The article describes a research that examined the state of gaming addiction among the older population. The research further addressed the negative effects of excessive video game use and the treatment of problematic video game use and video game addiction among the adult population.