This is a group paper, I do not need an introduction, and however I am going to need a conclusion. I will upload the team paper as soon as it is done. I have three sections to do for the team paper,
My sections are:

* What is the role of interest rates, exchange rates, and monetary or fiscal policies?
*How might the organization use these factors to avoid to risk?

Select a second country as the international market for your product. Your home country was selected in Week Two.

The second country is Germany. The home country is Canada. The product is Albertson’s

Develop channel and pricing strategies for your product launch, and include both your domestic and international markets.
Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper completing the following:


The purpose of this paper is to develop channel and pricing strategies for Albertson’s Supermarket both domestically, in Canada, and internationally in Germany. Germany was chosen as the international country of entry to market their new product because of the large United States military presence in that country. Also Germany has the biggest population in Europe and is where one of the U.S. Embassy is located. The U.S. Commercial Service Germany at the U.S. Embassy and the three Consulates General offer a variety of services and programs to assist U.S. businesses export goods and services to Germany (Welcome to the U.S. Commercial Service Germany, 2011). Germany’s economy is one of the largest in the world. The economy of Germany ranks fourth in terms of nominal GDP and fifth in terms of purchasing power (Germany Economy, 2010). Albertson’s must choose the best marketing channel and strategy to compete with the top local supermarkets.