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ACCG301 Group Research Report
Group Research Report Requirements

6. Your strategies and plans that are to be followed in order to complete the report until the submission
Submission of this report is mandatory and failure to submit will impact the final grade awarded to the group’s
proposal. Each group will be assigned one of the assignments below to write the report.
1 – Assignment
Foleo Fones
Assume your group has been engaged by Foleo Group Limited as a team of consultants.
At your initial meeting with the Board, your team has been asked to propose a strategy
that will expand the current operations of the Foleo Fones business unit. This project
will require the team to suggest the introduction of a new product, service or business
that will achieve growth for the business unit and ultimately, the organisation as a
whole. It will involve research into the specific industry in which Foleo Fones competes,
in addition to an examination of its current operations.
The Board of Foleo Group Limited have provided the following parameters for your
research and proposal:
Strategy for Growth – EITHER related diversification OR vertical integration
Scope of Proposal:
The business proposal must contain the following elements:
 The actual strategy being proposed;
 An analysis of the external environment of Foleo Group Limited using Porter’s 5-
Forces Model
(NB: each force examined should relate to the Foleo Fones business unit’s
specific circumstances, eg. it should analyse the bargaining power of Foleo
Fones’ buyers, etc.);
 An explanation of how the proposed expansion strategy aligns with the current
goals and strategies of the organisation. This explanation should include:
i. an identification of the corporate mission and objectives of Foleo Group
Limited, and
ii. an identification of the current generic competitive strategy of Foleo

 Evidence that the proposed strategy will be viable for Foleo Fones. This section
should include:
i. an explained example of a relevant ‘real-life’ company that have
introduced a similar growth strategy as that being proposed;
ii. reference to at least one academic journal that supports the strategy
being proposed.

 An analysis of any potential ethical implications and the likely impact of the
proposed strategy on all Foleo stakeholders;
 An explanation of how performance will be measured – specific measures should
be presented in a Balanced Scorecard and examples of useful/appropriate
reports should also be suggested.


Implications refer to the results of an action taken or intended to be taken. Today business world has proved to be very competitive, and businesses have to design strategies to develop a competitive advantage over their rivals continuously. Foleofones has to adopt a diversification strategy, to increase the variety of their products in the market. Companies that diversify compete with several products in the market, increasing profitability. Diversification helps a company determine which companies to compete with; the company can choose the size they want to be in order to compete well in the market. The strategies adopted by a firm and their implementation are affected by the dynamics of competition in the market. Decision making is a critical factor in a company, as every decision made has its implications to all stakeholders of the business. All strategic decisions made in a firm have ethical implication to the stakeholders.