Greek Bonds and European Debt crisis


Our main topic is Greek Bonds.
My part is the first part on the outline. This will be a research paper total of 15 pages double spaced, so my part will be at least 4 pages long. This is a higher level undergrad course. And it is the final research paper. Greek bonds are related to the greek debt crisis, but this course is about bonds and it has to be mostly on bonds but you can touch on debt crisis too.

Parts II, III, IV and V belongs to other students in my group.Please try not to explain other students parts. So we dont have to edit it.(Parts II, III, and IV)


–Paper instructions from instructor
a) You should have a theme for your project; the simple overview of a topic might give you a very low grade
b) Demonstrate your understanding of the specific topic and provide insightful comments
c) Be consistent in using references; do not just copy

Our Outline for the presentation
I. Intro of the Greek government bonds – types, prices, maturities, correlations with the major market indices?
II. The bonds’ performance before the Financial Crisis in 2008 (seach for specific data to support your argument);
III. Their performance during the Financial Crisis in 2008 (major events and collapses?);
IV. The influence of Greek bonds to the world’s economy (especially the US economy, maybe use the stock market’s performance to illustrate their relationships?) and the government’s measures;
V. Summary.


A government bond, also called sovereign bond, is a monetary security that a government uses to regulate the volume of currencies circulating in its economy. Government bonds in Greece started being issued as early as 1693, whose purpose was to collect funds for war against France (Barrios et al 2). Over the years since the introduction of government bonds in Greece, the national government through the Central Bank of Greece has been responsible for issuing of sovereign bonds in the country’s own currency denominations. As noted by Brandner et al (10), the returns required by investors to loan funds to the government reveals the inflation prospects and the potentiality that debt will be repaid. It is important to note that, the rate of returns acquired from bonds is an accurate indicator of the market prospects. Particularly, the bonds’ return rate is represented in the treasury curve rate, where government treasuries are plotted against maturity rate of the bonds.