Grad students Analysis of 2007 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) data from two geographically diverse US states


1. Become familiar with the codebook and the variables included in the provided dataset.
2. Based on the available variables, propose research questions and a testable hypothesis.
3. Review the literature ( is a possible resource) for relevant studies to collect background information on the issue or topic selected.
4. Download and import the dataset into the statistical software program to be used for the assignment. Use the program’s help file for instructions on importing the data if needed. Data should be cleaned prior to analysis.
5. Analyze the variables of interest to determine the answers to the research questions and in order to evaluate the hypothesis.
6. Write a short paper (3-4 pages) that introduces the issue considered, the research questions and hypothesis, describes the literature reviewed, and summarizes the analytical findings.


Respondent States they come from. The analysis of the States included fifty percent basis of the 250 respondents from California and another 250 respondents from Georgia States as shown by the figure one below.