Write a 2 page research paper on Google’s external factors (a) an analysis of the remote or societal environment, such as economic, technological, social, political-legal, etc. and (b) an analysis of the organization’s task or industry environmental forces using Porter’s Analysis. For example, you have discussed social trends of relevance such as increases in double income families or economic trends such as fluctuations in prime rates of interest, etc. Remember that all these elements are common to all industries and affect all types of businesses in some fashion. In contrast, an analysis of the task environment is industry/firm specific. Here, you will apply Porter’s five forces model to examine the dynamics of competition within the industry. Please use sufficient industry level data to complete this analysis. It will include a look at the major market trends, raw material sources, lobby groups, key competitors, etc. This analysis will form your opportunities and threats. Lastly in 1 page, relate to the present day, and what the company is doing now or intends to do.


Google Inc. was started off as a research company but it has become a dominant player and the leading search engine (Google Inc). Google search engine accounts for more than 75% of the web search market.

Environment analysis

  1. Economic

The integration of world economy has provided environment for growth of Google. It has moved to new emerging markets like China, Taiwan, and others with huge internet market  As more people get into web surfing and world economy improve, Google has greatly benefited by increasing users to 2.2 billion people in the world. Its stock market has experienced high rate of growth from $85 in 2004 to about $509.25 today (SlidShare). Revenues have grown to $23.651 billion in 2009 and total assets increasing to $40.487 billion (Stross, 2010).