Google censorship in China


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The recent coordinated attacks on Google and the consequent withdrawal of Google from the Chinese market illustrate the difficulties the company is facing operating in the country. China is among the countries that have been limiting the information available to its citizens. Google entry into the lucrative Chinese market meant that it had agreed to censor some of the information available to its users but it did not agree to attack on its intellectual property. Google was attracted to China due to the growing number of internet users which would translate to more revenues for the company. It was in pursuit of higher profits that the company agreed to operate under strict censorship from the Chinese government, implying that right from the start it knew it would not provide its users with all the contents required. The attack on Google accounts of Chinese human rights activists was taken as an offensive act and infringement of their rights. Defiantly, Google acknowledged that it would no longer censor its content in China and would withdraw from the market altogether directing all the users using the search engine to Hong Kong. Although Google did not want to directly blame the Chinese government, the argument that those attacks were similar to previous attacks that have been carried out by Chinese government pointed out that Chinese government could have been responsible for the attack. The attacks on Google and eventual withdrawal from China were due to political interference and infringement of its intellectual property.