Assessment task 1: Research project (Group) Objective(s): This addresses subject
learning objective(s):
1, 2 and 3 Weight: 30%
Task: In Week 1, students will be formed into groups of 5 or 6 students in Week 1. We are
encouraging all teams this semester to focus on developing scenarios for the Australian
University sector in 2036.
The focus of the Group Research Project is to work as a group of management consultants to
produce a report which outlines appropriate, realistic and relevant future scenarios for a
particular industry. There is a preference (and first and second prizes) for those teams of
students who complete their Scenarios Report on the Australian University sector, however, if
a team of students would prefer to develop their scenario report for another industry sector
they must advise their tutor of this in Week 1 and agree with their tutor by Week 2 that their
chosen alternative industry for the scenarios report is appropriate.
The draft framing question for the Australian Universities Scenarios is:
In 2036 how will Australian universities be delivering their services to their stakeholders and
how will they be funded to provide them?


Under this scenario, we assume that in 20136, the UTS will be well funded and operating under a high globalization situation. The scenario identified has been chosen because of the uncertainties towards the future considering that the changes in globalization will affect future funding for academic institutions.   Based on the researching findings, there is a close correlation between globalization and funding of Australian higher education (Harman, 2005; Welch, 2002). The emergent narrative from these studies is that the variations in funding is a major drive towards internationalization of Australian higher education as internationalization becomes one of the most important source of funding for operations of higher education institution. Internationalization of Australian universities has chattered Australian into the global education map, which means other than seeking funding, foreign students still want to come to Australia to study because others are doing so (Welch, 2002).