Globalization of Olympics in Beijing 2008


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In 2008, Beijing hosted the Olympic Games.  This was the first time for China to host such an international event and the president of the IOC commented that it was not a mistake to host the event.  2008 Beijing Olympic was an important event that had a lot of impact in the country especially when considering the human rights and environmental pollution issues surrounding China prior to the  hosting of the games. When China was confirmed as the host for the event, many speculated that it would be a failure in terms of the financial requirements in preparation and considering other aspects like moral aspects of China communist party which is in power.  Despite the resistance from some quarters especially human right activist, China successfully prepared for the great event that would not only bring economic benefit to the country but it was also meant to market the country to the rest of the world.  However the Olympic Games had little economic impact on the country but it helped to market the country to the rest of the world. The event may not have realized the expected economic returns by it waned off some skepticism about China to the rest of the world. Before and after the event, the media played a key role in exposing the true Beijing both in its positive and negative aspects. However it has been argued that the media may have avoided the negative side of China and exposed only the positive side. There are claims that there was massive violation of human rights in the country especially when dealing with the demonstrating Tibetans who were obstructing the Olympic torch. Beijing Olympic was however one of the most successful Olympics in world and played the expected role of marketing China to the rest of the world.