Globalization : McDonaldization Theory in Today’s Society


Identify the most important concepts in the system of thought that constitutes the Theory of McDonaldization by George Ritzer.
Identify and precisely define the causal concept in the McDonaldization Theory of Society.
Articulate a testable empirical hypothesis in the following format: "If the Mcdonaldization Theory is true then social effect ______is likely to happen.
The social effect can be selected by the writer.Elaborate on what can be seen and what does this mean to us in today’s society. This research paper is to pertain to Globalization


McDonaldization is a term that was coined by a leading sociologist, George Ritzer. In his book, The McDonaldization of the Society, George Ritzer uses the sample of McDonald to explain the process of globalization. McDonaldization is defined as a process in which the principles of “fast-food-restaurant” are dominating more sectors in the United States and the world. George Ritzer explains that McDonaldization occurs when a given culture assumes the basic characteristics of a fast-food restaurant.  It mainly entails re-conceptualization of rationalization, which means it is a new approach to scientific management that is moving from the traditional to rational modes of thinking (Pieterse 39).  The concept of McDonaldization can be equated to bureaucracy. Max Weber used the concept of bureaucracy to explain the changing society and in similar breadth George Ritzer uses the concept of fast-food to explain the contemporary paradigm shift in the society.