Assessment Requirement

1. Essay: 2 (ER Literature review & Analytical essay)

2. Topic is selected as: In many countries an aging workforce, changing industrial structures and demands for equity in employment have led to a need to increase the participation of women with family responsibilities in the workforce. Paid parental leave and the provision and cost of childcare emerge as the major issues. Choose a country and write a report to the appropriate Minister or Government official on measures the government could take to improve the participation of women in the workforce. Your report should be based on academic literature, labour market data and government, industry and union reports. You should include recommendations in your report.
3. Lecturer said it would be easier to write the TWO essay in the same topic, which is listed above. Thus, ER Literature review’s topic is recommended to use Topic 2 and use lecture slides as the background information.
4. Deadline: ER Literature review – 9 May
                  Analytical essay – 30 May


  • An emerging focus on ‘competitiveness’ required industry in Australia to achieve rates of profitability at least as good as global alternatives in order that corporations (local and international) would invest in Australia.
  • Key initiatives: progressive tariff reductions and floating of the dollar.
  • Led to pressures for lower costs, including labour costs, leading in turn to the dilemma of how to continue to increase living standards (productivity improvement critical).