Global Warming is a Catastrophe that Warrants Immediate Action


For Week 7, we look at the topic of global warming and what the U.S. is or should be doing about it. (“Taking Sides” Issue #7). “Is Global Warming a Catastrophe that Warrants Immediate Action?”

Read the pro and con arguments, do your own research on the web, and then present your fully supported (by cited sources) opinion on the topic. You will have to ‘sift through’ quite a bit of rhetoric on the subject and come to a scientific, informed opinion to receive full credit for your post. In addition, please comment on the posts of two of your classmates.


Global warming is the phenomenon rise in temperature of the earth’s atmosphere, which is caused by the greenhouse effect (Watson et al. 565). The greenhouse effect is attributed to increased levels of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons, and others. Global warming is a divisive factor because there are those who believe it does not exist, and others state it is an urgent problem. However, evidential signs like climate change, melting of polar ice, rising sea levels, and others act as a reminder of the roaming catastrophe and, therefore, it warrants immediate action.