Global Change | Globalization


Task description:
You must read and analyse the following journal paper:
Connell, R. (2007). The northern theory of globalization. Sociological Theory 25(4): 368-385.
Your essay should include a summary and analysis of the main points raised in the paper, and a
discussion about how the paper connects to a sociological understanding of globalization.
This task is based on only one source, the Connell paper, but you must still include a Reference list at
the end of your essay, with the citation presented in APA 6th referencing format. You should also
include in-text citations to Connell, as relevant to your discussion and analysis.
Assignment length
Your essay should be 800 words in length, not including the reference list.


The concept of “globalization” has been subject to many and different interpretations that have elicited a lot of academic reaction. However, globalization has not gained its relevance without continued differences among the many specialists in different spheres of education (Brennan, 2003; Huaichuan, 2012). Cornell’s (2007) article addresses Globalization and its continued edge to raise argument as to its correct definition, its explanation, its application, and its understanding in the very many different fields of thought. The integration of sociology into a global view and the growth of sociology as a recognized academic discipline changed the whole aspect of globalization. The article addresses globalization based on different viewpoints that are summarized below.