Global Business | Josef Ackerman Leadership


Josef Ackermann (Deutsche Bank, Germany)

The task:
Write a 1500 word essay, using the development steps provided. This is done to ensure students
develop their essay writing process. Each component attracts a participation mark and their
completion will improve your final essay mark.
*Week 4: Essay Outline (checked in tutorial)
*Week 5: Essay Draft (checked in tutorial)
*Week 6: Assignment Help (your draft must be visibly edited and initialled by Lyn, Remy, Chris,
or Ella)
*Week 7: All elements checked for Participation marks (*see Participation criteria on 5901 portal)
*Week 8: Final draft submitted to Turnitin for grading.
 You should briefly define any key terms (e.g. leadership; effective/ineffective).
 As well as Darling & Leffel (2010) and Darling & Beebe (2007), you should cite at least two
other academic sources. These should be academic references such as web- or paper-based
journal articles.

5901QBT Language and Communication
in the Global Business Context

Portfolio Essay Task Question 2
 In addition to these two academic sources, you may also use one or two non-academic
sources to find information about the person that you have chosen to discuss. (Non-academic
sources include substantive journals, newspaper/magazine articles or books for general
readership. Wikipedia and online blogs are NOT appropriate references.)
 APA referencing style must be used in your response. Please adhere to the APA Style guide,
which you will find on the portal. You may also wish to consult the OWL at Purdue website for
further assistance with referencing.
 All work is to be typed (1.5 or double line spacing) and in 11 or 12 point Arial or Times New
Roman font.


Josef Ackerman is one of the outstanding leaders who are highly recognized in the finance and economic sectors in the world. Ackerman has held various leadership positions in the finance sector but his stint in Deutsche Bank in seen as the most successful. In reference to Darling and Leffel (2010) leadership framework and guideline, this essay identifies and evaluates Josef Ackerman leadership as the Chief Executive Officer of Deutsche Bank, Germany.