gendered language in social media


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The English language does not have grammatical genders as many languages precisely the language does not have masculine or female-based nouns unless they are used to refer to biological sex.  Irrespective of the raised ideologies, gendered language is portraying traits of bias towards a specific sex or social grouping in a community setting. In English specifically, the essence of gender-centered language is used to refer professions or people such as businessman or waitress making use of gender-insensitive language. Instead of using names as those stipulated in the latter sentence to refer to a particular gender, diverse language that does not point at specific person should be used to in the quest of addressing people in a community setting.  Even though the English language is seen discouraging the utilization of gender-based languages, the uncontrolled freedom of expression practiced in social media platforms is jeopardizing the whole quest of ensuring gender-free language. With the aim of scrutinizing how social media is altering English language, various authors have composed articles relating to gender as explained below.