Gender and Diversity in Tourism



Gender and Diversity


The concept of gender equality has been in the limelight and a priority of several properties especially in the developed world such as Australia and Europe. Unlike traditionally, when women were treated and considered as inferior to men in all activities and sectors, they are currently considered and treated equally with men. Tourism is one of the global largest and fastest growing sectors. In several countries such as Australia, tourism is considered as an engine for development because of the increased foreign exchange earnings as well as creation of direct and indirect employment opportunities (Ahn, Wooten, Norman& McGuire2016).Globally, tourism contributes over 5% of the GDP and more than 7% of the employment opportunities (Ahn, Wooten, Norman & McGuire, 2016). Tourism accounts for more than 30% of the global exports in services and hence it is worth a research. Despite that there are several studies such as Costa, Carvalho, Ca├žador and Breda (2012) that focus on gender diversity in the tourism industry, majority of the studies are centered on gender diversity in job provision in the industry.